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   2017 New For Black Panther CHERRY BOMB

  Concept Hybrid:

BPCW3550 CNW13x51/2
¥88,000 ( with out TAX)
BPCW4600 CNW 14 x 6
¥98,000 ( with out TAX)

Size: 13” x 51/2” / 14” x 6”
Shell: 8Ply,9mm Cherry, Dual Air Vents
Finish: Natural Satin SAS Finish ( SONIClear Attenuation System)
Edges: 45 Degree SONIClear Batter and Snare Side ( Both with 3/8 inch Round Back-Cuts)
Snare Bed: 2.7mm Deep 51/2 Width Tapered Snare Beds
Hoops: Sonic Saver 8 and 10 Lug hoops with High-Gloss Chrome Finish
Lug Casings: Black Panther Single-Screw Tube Lugs

A re-imagined and optimized version of the original Black Panther model, the Design Lab Cherry Bomb is crafted with a medium-thick Cherry wood shell. The soft density of cherry absorbs higher overtones,delivering a warm, focused tone and a punchy bacbeat. It sound and feelsvintage, But is built with modern precision, reliability, and function