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AC911 ¥10,500(税別)
Add-on boom arm with combination multi-clamp. Includes 12-inch knurled boom arm with universal ball-in-socket tilter and
OS Cymbal Accentuator
AC913 ¥6,100(税別)
Cowbell/Accessory holder for cymbal stand
AC912 ¥4,800(税別)
Cowbell/Accessory holder for bass drum
AC910 ¥4,217(税別)
Horizontal adjustable multi-purpose clamp
AC909 ¥4,850(税別)
Adjustable bass drum lift for 18-inch bass drums
AC908 ¥4,850(税別)
Cymbal/Tom arm multi-purpose platform with center hole to fit all 25.4mm stands
AC906 ¥12,650(税別)
Bass drum/hi-hat attachment clamp for close placement in double bass set-ups
AC905 ¥4,830(税別)
Combination side-ratchet adjustable multi-
purpose clamp
AC904 ¥4,200(税別)
Center-ratchet adjustable multi-purpose clamp
AC903 ¥8,433(税別)
Combination center-ratchet adjustable multi-purpose clamp
AC902 ¥6,852(税別)
Dual-angle adjustable multi-purpose clamp